Crux deliver product and services of uncompromising quality and integrity consistent with the image of the brand. The product has been made distinctive by putting them through the wringer-ripping, sanding, patching and washing by hand- to give them true character and soul. Crux team focused their effort on seamlessly integrating complete collection that reflect the true sensibility of the brand: Chic, Sophisticated and Classic. We embarked on a platform of innovation with an idea to hcreate the best possible jeans, jackets and shirts for customers. Crux has built its success on products of superior quality and the Company’s “Perfect Fit” strategy, allowing the brand to understand and track the customer needs while offering high quality for great value. Crux core competency is to maintain close ties with their customers, stay in line with market trends, and work closely with suppliers to meet the customers’ needs promptly and fully.


Crux provide products and services of inflexible quality and salubrious experience for its customers. We aim on outshining with innovation and novel ideas to provide best possible denim. Crux team focuses on bringing collections that reflects the true essence, aura and image of the brand. Our products are made exclusive by treating them with ripping, sanding, patching and hand treated washes. Crux has gained success in such short span of a year with its high-quality products and ability of understanding the actual customer needs while offering them with great experience and quality.



Our vision is to develop/built everlasting relationship with our customers by combining quality and value, enthused by real life experiences.